After high school I joined the army. While in the Army my interest in guitars both increased and wained. While stationed at Seneca Army Depot I wondered into Geneva New York and found a music store. It was there that I bought my first brand new guitar. It was a 1984 Aria Pro RS Standard. It was a sunburst Stratocaster copy. I didn’t know much about guitars then…I think I bought it because it was only $225. But it was head and shoulders about the guitars I had owned before. It stayed in tune and all the knobs worked. But remember…I have a condition in which I can’t leave things alone! So I began modifying the RS. Over the years the RS has lost it’s original pickguard and pickups. The electronics are out of a Peavey T-40 that I bought at The House of Guitars in Rochester New York. The pick-up that’s in it now is from my 1980 Gibson Explorer E2. I renamed the guitar 926 after a patrol vehicle I used to drive in the Army. No matter what we did to 926 the truck, it always came back next shift ready to do it’s job. But do you know what. I still have that guitar and it screams. I’ll include 2 pictures in this post. One is 926 back in the 80’s. It’s the guitar in the back of my first collection with the slanted stripes. The other picture is 926 today. It’s my daughter’s guitar now and just like her dad she repainted it…. pink.