I’m not sure what prompted me to try my hand at playing guitar. Some guitarists say that they saw Jimi Hendrix or The Beatles or Jimmy Page and they said “That’s what I want to do”. Not me. Music has always been a big part of my life. I always have music running around in my head. Right now I have “Hello again” by the cars in my head. I don’t know why….but it’s there. Perhaps I wanted to play an instrument because my father played instruments. He played drums in the Army. He played harmonica, piano and an occasional stringed instrument. I however saw no chance of impressing a girl with a harmonica solo so like most of the youth in my time I picked guitar. I bought my first real six string. Bought it at the….well OK not the Five and Dime. I bought my first electric guitar from the J.C. Penney catalog.  I think it was $79. It was a very cheap, single pickup, sunburst stratocaster copy. I bought The Mel Bay Guitar Method book and learned “When the Saints come marching in”. With no real guidance other than Mel I thought perhaps six strings might be too many. So I opened the catalog and ordered a bass guitar. Within days my red Global SG copy bass arrived. Ah! That’s more like it. Only 4 strings! I eventually save up enough money for an amplifier. I got my first taste of being a roadie because the J.C. Penney pick up center was a mile from my house. I still remember lugging that amp to my house. But now I could hear myself. The debate as to which guitar I would play was decided by fate. Some friends and I were to get together and write a song for a school talent show. While running to catch the bus the six string’s neck went between my running legs and snapped. So….Kevin will be a bassist! I have one picture of that bass and it’s being played by my friend Lou Lombardi. Lou was instrumental in teaching me a lot about playing guitar. here’s Lou and my first real…four string.