There’s a difference between a Yugo and a Cadillac. Yes, they’re both cars. But dollars to donuts I’d rather drive a Cadillac. It’s the same for guitars. You have Globals and you have Gibsons.  This is the story of how I bought my first Gibson. While stationed in The Army in New York I had a few friends who liked guitars. One morning a friend of mine knocked on my door and said he was going into town to buy a Gibson Les Paul. He asked if I wanted to come along. I said sure. We go in and he goes to try the Les Paul. It’s a ’79 sunburst standard. He likes it and is all ready to buy it when….he spots a BC Rick Mockingbird. He hands me the Les Paul and asks to see the Mockingbird. If he had put the Les Paul back on the rack we may not be having this conversation right now. But no…he handed it to me. Imagine if you will holding a toy cap pistol in your hand. Then someone hands you a 57 Magnum. That’s what this was like. This Les Paul had some weight behind it. I took off my coat and sat down and played it. It was effortless to play. The strings almost laid on the neck…unlike my Aria Pro where they seemed to be a mile off the neck. I asked to plug it into an amp and the tone was just like all those rock’s tone. I asked how much. “$325”. I opened my checkbook and wrote out the check. I had my first Gibson Les Paul. Sometimes when you get a new guitar there’s magic that comes with it. You find yourself playing things that you never learned. It was that way with this guitar. I never put it down. I was hooked. While at Seneca Army Depot I bought 2 more Gibsons. Both from guys who were going overseas and didn’t want to take them. A Gibson Marauder and a Gibson Grabber bass. I’ll include pictures. My collection…and obsession were growing!