We all make mistakes. Some men, after their divorce go out and buy a sports car. I already owned a Mustang. So I bought high end guitars. In 2002 Gibson had ’58 reissue Les Pauls on the market. They were beautiful. I decided to treat myself and splurge and buy one of these beauties. I had heard that the previous run of ’59 reissues had only increased in value so I figured it would be an investment. The guitar was a lemon drop figure top. It cost me $3100. But seeing how the previous ’59s were now going for $4000 to $5000 I figured it was a safe bet. Unfortunately I used my credit card. The funny thing is when you use a credit card you sometimes forget that you will eventually have to pay the debt off. I’ll be honest. I wasn’t crazy about my first ’58. I named it Shannon.  I bought, sold traded more guitars and eventually wound up with a Gibson EDS-1275 double neck. The guitar was very cool…but it was very heavy too! I had it for one week. I took it back to the store and rather than take a huge hit I used the guitar as a trade for another ’58 reissue. This one had a little more red in the sunburst and I named it “Amy”. I was gaining a reputation for liking the ’58s. So after a few months while visiting the guitar store I was ushered into the back room of the guitar store and shown a guitar that the store owner had set aside for me. The ’58 reissue was beautiful. It had a beautiful flame and I couldn’t resist. Out came the credit card and Pamela was mine. I had only one more experience with the ’58 reissues. And it was the best. Amber became my last ’58 reissue. For two reasons. One, Gibson started making ’58 reissues with plain tops instead of flame tops. I couldn’t see paying that kind of money for a plain top Les Paul. And the second reason was that my care free spending had finally caught up with me. With a $10,000 credit card bill I had to sell off my collection. Sadly the ’58’s didn’t appreciate like the ’59s. I ended up loosing between $250 to $350. It was a costly lesson. But now I save up for my guitars. And I buy them to play…not as an investment. The ’58s are pictured here.  Amber is top left. Pamela is top right.  Amy is below them and Shannon is at the bottom.