My daughter was taking guitar lessons a few years back. Her techer loved when she would come in because I would send her with one of my high end guitars. Before one lesson was to begin her teacher asked me if I had seen the Yngwie Malmsteen Stratocaster that the store owner had purchased. I said no so her teacher ran and got it for me. It was a ’99 American made Yngwie Malmsteen strat with a scalloped rosewood fretboard. I had only seen maple fretboards on the Yngwie strats. My daughter’s teacher told me that the store owner paid only $600 for it. So Armed with that information I talked with the store owner. I asked what he wanted for the Strat (He didn’t know that I had talked to the guitar teacher). The store owner said he wanted $1000 for it. Brand new the guitars went for around $1200. I offered him $800. He said no. I said OK and started walking out the door. He stopped me…rubbed his chin and said “Would that be $800 cash?” I said yes. He looked at me…looked at the guitar and said OK. Granted he made $200 on the guitar but a few months later I sold the guitar for $1000! So we all made out! The guitar was interesting. It took time to get used to the scalloped fretboard and as time went on the novelty wore off. It sounded great tho. The Dimarzio pickups really gave it a distinct sound.