In the early days of my fascination with guitars I read everything i could on the subject. It was the early 80’s and I remember reading about this guy in Maryland who was hand building guitars. His Name was Paul Reed Smith. It finally came to pass that he was able to build a factory and start mass producing his guitars. But for the most part they were still hand made. Years later I found a store that sold PRS guitars. I played on and it was amazing. Everything felt right about it. The weight, the balance, the action. Even the tremelo. So I bought my first PRS. It was a 10 top amber color flametop custom 22. But when I got it home and plugged it into my amp I was less than thrill with the way it sounded. Perhaps it was the thinner body but it didn’t sound like my Les Pauls. It was missing that deep tone. But the guitar was a pleasure to play. I eventually wanted another so I bought a purple custom22. The same thing. It played like a dream and looked beautiful but I couldn’t get the sound out of it. I eventually bought a third custom 22. An emerald green one. Sadly I don’t have a picture of that one. But it became clear to me that I was a Les Paul kind of guy and I sold all three PRSs to pay for more Les Pauls. I did buy that 2005 PRS but that was a financial venture…which paid off! If I have disposible income I would get another PRS and this time try working with other amps. I seen other bands play them and they sounded great. But I was playing thru a Marshall and I don’t see PRSs being played thru Marshalls so perhaps that was my problem.