Every now and again I walk into a great deal. While visiting The Guitar Gallery I had one such experience. A guy walked in with an ’83 Gibson Les Paul Custom. He needed money and asked the owner if he’d be interested in buying it. After talking a bit the two agreed on $800.00. I waited a few minutes and walked over to the counter where the case was still open. I asked Vic what he wanted for the guitar. Vic thought about it and said “I’ll take $1200 for it.” I laughed and said “Dude! I just saw you give that guy $800 for it! I’ll give you $900 for it.” Vic realized he had been busted and figured $100 profit for 5 minutes worth of work was better than having the guitar sit in his store. And before you laugh at me for offering him $100 for doing nothing I turned around and sold that guitar for $1200!