I like to look thru Craigslist. I was planning on moving out of my girlfriend’s house and had begun to liquidate some of my collection. So I had some extra cash. I saw an ad on Craigslist for a 2005 PRS 25th anniversary Custom 22. They were asking $1200. I’ve owned a few PRS guitars and They sell for over $2700 new. So I called the guy and set up a meeting for the next day since I needed to get to the bank to get the cash. I always meet in a public place…just in case. I went to the mall and waited…and waited. I called his cell phone and there was no answer. Now I’m sitting here with $1200 thinking that someone else has beat me to the deal. I hop back in the car and begin the sad trek home. But I no sooner pull out of the parking lot and the phone rings. It’s the guy selling the PRS. He was stuck at work and just got home…but his girlfriend had the car and he wondered if I could meet him at his place. It’s not far away so I agree. He actually meets me outside. He opens the case and there’s a dark gray figure top PRS. He tells me that he plays metal and the PRS doesn’t fit his style. So It’s been sitting under his bed for years. I examine the guitar and I believe him. The frets and strings are rusted. the pickup covers are corroded. But I see the potential and I buy the guitar. I take the guitar home and over the next couple of days I steel wool the frets, remove the pickup covers and restring it. A nice coat of guitar polish and it looks like it came from the factory. I eventually put it on craigslist and I sell it for $1900.