I don’t remember where I got it. I don’t remember the brand name. But my first Les Paul was a cheap copy that I picked up some where a long the line. I don’t even remember the original finish. Being me, I sanded off the original finish to expose the wood grain underneath. I had two dimarzio pickups…which I still have! I put the X2N in the lead position and the PAF in the neck position. I had the X2N wires to a PDPT switch so I could change the polarity of the heavy magnet pickup. Back then I didn’t really know how to utilize this option…I just thought the extra mini-toggle switch looked cool! I looked at the guitar and it was kind of boring with the bare wood grain. So being a fan of Eddie Van Halen I took electrical tape and crisscrossed a design on the front of the guitar. I then poly coated it. It actually looked sort of cool. Now  “Number seven” (I named it that because it was actually the seventh guitar that I owned…and as a tribute to Pete Townsend I wrote “Number seven” on it like Pete’s number 5 Les Paul) wouldn’t stay in tune. I was a novice and didn’t know the proper way to install strings. You need to pull on them to get all the slack out of them. I didn’t do that back in the day. So I was constantly retuning the guitar. A constant source of aggravation. It got to the point where I had had enough. By this point I have other guitars so I remover the pickups and literally threw the guitar out my bedroom window. I went downstairs and went to the back yard and retrieved it. In true Pete Townsend fashion I swung the guitar around and smashed it on the cement! Weee! And there was where “Number Seven” met her end.