After I got a handle on my spending I decided to only buy guitars when I had the cash. I usually get a nice tax refund each year and I would use that to go buy a new Les Paul. So in 2006 I grabbed my check book and headed down to Guitar Gallery to buy a Les Paul. The selection that particular day was not phenominal. But I wanted a guitar by god and I was going to get one. So I picked out a 2005 standard that had a subtle flame on it. As I was waiting for the store owner to finish with the customer before me I wandered around the store. I stumbled upon a blue burst Rickenbacker 4003 bass. I had never seen a blue burst before. It was white in the middle and burst into a blue on the edges. The price was $900. 4003s can fetch up to $2100. Now I’m torn. I love 4003s. And this is a very rare factory color. I contemplate getting both the Les Paul and the bass…but that would eat up all my money. So I buy only the Les Paul that day. But true to form my brain keeps going back to the 4003. A week later I’ve had enough. I go back to buy the 4003. BUT the bass had a hold toag on it. I’m told that someone has put money down and they are supposed to come in with the rest of the money tomorrow. I tell the owner to call me if he doesn’t and I’ll come down with cash in hand. I call the store the following day and the guys hasn’t shown up with the money. I grab my checkbook after work and drive down to the store. I walk in and it’s gone. I had just missed the guy by a half  hour. To this day I have not seen another factory blue burst 4003. I haven’t seen a 4003 for $900 for that matter!

P.S. I found a picture of a Blue Burst 4003 online. So this is what the one that got away looked like.