Original pickguard

New pickguard and different lighting

For me there’s only the big 3. Gibson, Fender and PRS. You can have your ESP, your Jacksons, your Kramers, your Washburns or your Charvels. I look at the other guitar companies guitars and say “If ya want a strat..buy a strat” or “If ya want a Les Paul…Buy a Les Paul”. So now I have a Gibson Les Paul and a Fender telecaster. I wanted to get rid of my Peavey Vypr60 so I posted it on craigslist for cash or a Strat. I knew I couldn’t get an American made strat for it so I asked for a MIM strat. Some dude emailed a picture of his MIM strat and we made arrangements to meet. He liked the amp and I liked the strat so we traded. The pictures he emailed me made the strat look blue but once I got it I realize it was actually purple. The guitar came with a white pickguard. Altho the guitar looked good I wondered what it would look like with a black pickguard. So I stopped by my local Fender dealer and grabbed a black strat pick guard and installed it. I left the white knobs, selector switch and pickup covers. I think it looks pretty cool. Here’s the before and after pics.