Gary was a musician who sadly passed away earlier this year (2011). He had a phenomenal solo career and was a member of Thin Lizzy. Gibson had a signature series Les Paul based on Gary’s guitar. It was a flame top with no binding around the body. To be honest…the Gary Moore Models were sort of dull. The flame tops were less than spectacular. But one day while cruising thru eBay I saw an absolutely stunning flametop Les Paul. It totally called my name! So I bid on it and eventually won the auction. I would literally go on ebay each day to look at the pictures the seller posted until the guitar arrived. When it did I was blown away. I have never seen a more beautiful and awe inspiring Gary Moore model and probably never will. I’ll include the eBay pics and my own pics of the flame top. The best experience I had with the Gary Moore Model was the day I took it to the local Gibson dealer to show it off. By chance someone had come in at the same time to pick up their Joe Perry “Bone yard” Les Paul. We were at opposite ends of the store and pretty much opened our cases at the same time. Before I knew it all the people who had been looking at the Joe Perry model were over at my end of the store looking at my Gary Moore because of the commotion the guitar had cause. The Joe Perry owner closed up his case and silently left the store! It was a heavy guitar and the neck was thick. But man…that flame top. That’s one I was sorry I sold. The eBay pictures are the ones with the Les Paul on a chair. My pics are close ups of the body. Enjoy.