I’m a Gibson Man. I LOVE Les Pauls. I honestly couldn’t tell you how many I’ve owned. I’m sure it’s in the 50 or so range. I only have one now. A 2005 Gibson Les Paul Standard. It’s a far cry from my ’58 reissues. I would barely play them and when I did I would wipe them down and polish them before putting them back into their cases. The  2005 Standard is a daily driver. A work horse. It is not a beauty queen. I bought it new but I play it. And it looks like it. The hardware is tarnished. The finish has dulled a little. But I love it. Now…that’s not the guitar I want to talk about. I recently traded my 1980 Gibson Explorer for a ’99 Fender ’52 reissue Telecaster. Partly because I like to get new and different things and also I never played the explorer. The telecaster had a problem and the store owner was up front with me. It turns out that one of the previous owners had swapped out the bridge. Normally not a problem…except the ’52 reissues have their serial number on the bridge. The store owner…who is very reputable here in Pittsburgh had the guitar apart and all of the markings prove the guitar is really a Fender ’52 reissue. The store owner gave me his word he would back me up if I ever wanted to sell or trade the guitar. But, I don’t think I need to worry about that. You see I’ve grown to love this Tele. It’s light and sounds great. I owned a ’52 Telecaster in the past and wasn’t too thrilled with it. I sold it not long after buying it. But this one has soul. The neck is starting to show signs of wear. The finish is wearing off. Which is what I like. I like the fact that it will be me playing it that gives the guitar it’s relic look and not some guy in the factory. So I play it quite often. The funny thing is even tho it’s not plugged into an amplifier it still has a great twang to it. I find myself playing country music sounding riffs when I noodle around on it. So here’s a picture of my previous ’52 tele (It’s pictured beside my red Mustang) and my current ’52 tele.