I think Jimmy Page really struck a chord with guitarists when he wielded that Gibson double neck around. If one neck is good…then two must be better…unless you’re Rick Neilson of Cheap Trick…then seven is better! I owned a Gibson EDS 1275. I had it for a week. Besides it being a pain to tune it was downright heavy. So after a week I returned it and bought a Les Paul. But I still liked the versatility of a double neck. Since I play both bass and six string I always wanted a six string/bass double neck. While cruising on eBay I found a  Steinberger double neck bass/six string. It wasn’t too expensive either. I did some research and Steinberger no longer made the double neck. So this would be my only chance to get one. I bid on it and won the auction. I had it shipped to my mom’s place since she was home during the day and when she called and said it had arrived I promptly drove to her apartment. I walked thru the door and she says “What on earth did you buy??” The package was HUGE. Turns out the previous owner hand built a hard shell case for it. But when I opened it it was the coolest thing I had seen. Since it was headless you had to buy special strings for it. But I read about adapters that could be used and I located a set and I was ready to go. The nice thing was that the Steinberger wasn’t heavy at all.I will be honest and say it wasn’t the best sounding guitar. The bass sounded alittle muddy and the Steinberger pickups were less than stunning. I used the double neck while I was in the band Requiem and in the band Silent Choir. It was nice because I was the bass player but when we did my songs I’d switch from bass to six string without having to switch guitars. I think there was a few songs I’d switch DURING the song! But when the band broke up I felt as if I didn’t need the double neck anymore and I sold it. But if I had the chance to get another one…I would. I might invest in some new pickups tho!