The guitar that got me back into playing was a 2000 Gothic Gibson Les Paul. I bought it not because it was cool. Rather because it was the cheapest Les Paul I could buy. I think it was $950. Nice guitar with really hot pickups. But as time went on I realized I prefered the look of a Standard or Custom. I like body binding. I even replaced the hardware with cream pickup rings, pick guard and chrome bridge and stop piece…but it wasn’t the same. I eventually sold it and moved on Les Pauls with binding. Now…I watch shows like “Hoarders” and while I’m amazed at people collecting garbage, I can understand. Obsessions can be a dangerous thing. Here’s my case in point. I went to The Guitar Gallery in Canonsburg one day. This was the store I bought most of my guitars from. The owner loved me…it was very rare that I’d walk out without buying something. He comes up to me and says “I have something special…a limited edition Les Paul.” I was intrigued. Turns out the Limited Edition was a platinum Studio Les Paul. I wasn’t thrilled with it but the owner was a great salesman and he cut me a deal on the price. Looking back I can see he just wanted it out of the store! I got it home and immediately hated it. I put it on eBay and even tho the owner cut me a deal on the price I lost money on it. I think this is when I realized I needed to watch my obsession with buying Les Pauls! I’ll include 2 pics. These guitars are not mine. I didn’t have the platinum long enough to take a picture of it and I never got a picture of the Goth Les Paul.