I’m not one of those guys who can say “I always knew I was going to play guitar”. I’ve always loved music. I have music constantly playing in my head. I guess picking up the guitar was inevidable. I mean if you enjoy music as much as I do it’s a natural desire to want to create it. My dad played the accordian. He also played the harmonica and many summer nights we’d play in the back yard listening to my dad at the dining room table playing his music. I suppose I picked up the guitar because it was the dominant instrument in pop music as I was growing up. I can remember hearing Queen’s “Killer Queen” and being mezmerized by the tone of Brian May’s guitar. I remember wondering how he was able to get those wonderful sounds out of his guitar. I also remember Ringo Star’s “It don’t come easy” and almost being hypnotized by the flanger on the guitar. I think the first real influence was a film I saw on a news report about Jimi Hendrx. They showed him up on stage doing all kinds of tricks with the guitar. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I thought they had to have put in sound effects with this piece of film. But they didn’t. I’m thinking this was around the time I got my first electric guitar and amp. Lord knows I couldn’t make those sounds with my little POS guitar from J.C. Penney! But the one moment that really changed how I approached the guitar was when I first saw the video for Van Halen’s “Hot for Teacher”. The two scenes where Eddie is walking down the library tables while playing lead guitar blew me away.  I was able to see…for the first time how he made those wonderful sounds. What got me was how easy he made it look. I mean the guy was smiling as he fired off those riffs. I literally mimicked what he did and…. son of a bitch it worked! I don’t know the theory behind what I do. I just let my fingers fly and 9 times out of 10 it sounds OK. Plus as time went on I was able to pick up sound processing pedals. So all those mysterious wonderful noises that I used to be mezmerized by are now at my finger tips.