I’ve always had a thing for Peter Frampton’s 1954 Gibson 3 pickup Custom Les Paul. I’ve owned a few triple pickup Les Pauls but I wanted another. So I said “Screw it” and bought an Epiphone Custom 3 Les Paul. Knowing full well I was going to make it a Frampton replica I also bought 3 Dimarzio pickups. A super distortion, a Tone zone and a Mo’ Joe. After a few hit and misses with Gibson parts not fitting the Epiphone I finally got the right parts and took it to the guitar tech. Aaron from Lawrence Music in Castle Shannon Pa. called me after I dropped it off to tell me he found an alternative wiring set up that would give me a ton of tone options. So we basically replaced everything inside the guitar. Now the guitar has a seperate volume for each pickup and a master tone. A normal 2 pickup Les Paul has 3 variations when it comes to pickup selections. I have 7! Here’s before and after pictures of what I now call….The Framptonstein guitar.ImageImage