I’ve already told you I like to creep on craigslist. One day I saw an Epiphone blueburst Les Paul. The dude was asking $800. Wow….I mean for that I could get an American made Gibson Les Paul Studio! So I did some research and found basically the same guitar at Sweetwater dot com for $499…NEW. I emailed the craiglist dude and asked if that price was written in stone. I don’t think I mentioned the Sweetwater guitar. I didn’t hear back from him. On a whim I applied for a Sweetwater credit line and got it! So I bought the Blueburst Epiphone Les Paul. THEN the jack in the box from Craigslist wrote me back and said we could work out a deal. I worte back and told him I bought the same guitar for $499 new. Later I saw that he reposted the guitar for “only” $600.00. Doofus. So now there’s 3 Les Pauls in the stable. Sweetwater emails pics of the guitar you order and here’s ol’ Blue.Image