IMG_0353So I cruise Craigslist like some guys cruise porn sites. I will admit that some times I’m a dick on craigslist. What I mean by that is sometimes I’ll see someone posting a guitar and asking way too much money for it…or they’ve posted the same crappy guitar a hundred times. So I’ll post an add ripping on them. Most of the time tho I’ll find a similar guitar for sale and send them the link.
Well one day while perusing Craigslist I found an add for an Epiphone Les Paul with a flamed top and a factory Floyd Rose locking tremelo. The kid wanted $475 for it with no case. I contacted him and expressed interest. I did some reseach and this model got glowing reviews. It was no longer made by Epiphone. I got cold feet and backed out. A few weeks later the guitar is back on craigslist. This time for $450. Hmmm….. So I email the guy and tell him I have $400 CASH. He agrees. I go to his place and he’s a young kid. He hands me the guitar and it’s all fucked up! A string is broke, the strings are a mile off the neck, the neck is bowed, the truss rod cover is off of it. But the kid has all the parts and I buy it. I brought it home and did all the adjustments. It’s a beauty! And so my collection of Epiphone Les Pauls begins.