I have a friend. I’m not sure why we’re still friends. I mean he’s always picking fights  with me. Not physical ones…just verbal and online jabs. If I like Ford, he likes Chevy. If I like Gibson, he likes Fender. Anyway the guy had a stroke 2 years ago. After the stroke he became more argumenative…so I pretty much avoided him. So Fast foward to a month or two ago. I get a text from his wife saying he had another stroke and had been in the hospital. Now he was home but because of the stroke he can’t drive. She says he’s going stir crazy and would I come over and maybe take him out for a little. Being the nice guy that I am I so OK. So he plays guitar…but since the stroke his left arm doesn’t work so well.  But he still likes guitars and is working to get better so he can play. We decide to go to Pittsburgh guitars on Pittsburgh’s Southside. While we were there I played an Epiphone black beauty Custom. I liked it. But I saw a silverburst Epiphone Custom Les Paul and after playing it I decided to buy it. Now it was a great guitar and the price was right…but I think there was part of me that bought it just to rub it in my friend’s face for all the shit he’s handed me throughout the years. So maybe my intentions were wrong…but now I have 2 Epiphone Les Pauls.IMG_0404