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So I saw an ad on Craigslist for a Gibson electric guitar. The guy said it was kind of rare. So rare he had no idea what it was. I did some reseach and discovered it was a Gibson DC 400 XPL. It’s basically a Gibson double cutaway Les Paul with an Explorer style head stock. He wanted $800. I didn’t have $800 so I offered a partial trade plus some cash. As it turns out I knew the guy selling the axe. I used to jam with a band in his store’s basement. Well I get to his store and there’s the guitar. It’s beat to hell and back. The finish is awful. The hardware has seen better day. The factory tremelo doesn’t have an arm and it needs refretting. After talking about it HE decides that $800 is too much and he lowers the price to $400. I get to keep the guitar I was going to trade and I get the Gibson.

Now…What to do with it? The single coil pickup rings are broken and there’s no replacement parts. So I’m going to route out for 2 more humbuckers and make this a triple pickup threat. I started stripping the old finish off. Sadly there isn’t a figure top under the black finish. So I’ll just have it redone in black. I’ll post more as I make progress.