So I’m now in an 80’s band. We play pop, rock and alternative tunes from the 80’s. We played our 10th gig last night and I have to say every show has had their Spinal Tap moments. The very first show our PA gave us fits. One speaker wouldn’t work and we ended up using a monitor as our PA. Forming a band in the winter is a drag. We’d drive 2 hours to a gig in a snow storm and set up just to have the bar owner say “Look…no one’s coming out tonight. You guys might as well pack up and head home.” Some have been cool and offered us gas money and some have been dicks and let us leave without so much as saying “Thanks for coming”. We’ve had a few shows where people have gotten up and danced. That really gives us inspiration. We tend to play and sing better too. Last night we played to an empty room. No one camme into the VFW’s event room. They all stayed in the bar area watching the hockey game. Our drummer was depressed. I laughed and said “Dude…we just got paid to practice our new songs”. It seems to be a new trend that no one wants to come out to see live bands anymore. Oh well. I’ll ride the train for as long as it goes.