I’m funny where as I love Gibson guitars but when it comes to basses I’m a Fender man. I’ve always wanted a Geddy Lee Jazz bass but they were out of my price range. But now that I’m playing in a band I can sort of justify getting one. So I did. I used it at my gig at The Pittsburgh Hard Rock Cafe and it was a blast.
When I took my Framptonstein Epiphone Custom 3 pickup into Lawrence Music to get the new pickups put in they had a Antigua finish Fender Precission bass hanging on the wall. I love that finish. It’s kind of a rare bird. I didn’t have any extra money since I was getting work done on the Epi LP so the Antigua P-Bass would have to remain a desire not a reality. Over the next few months I’d think about the bass and a few times I almost went to check it out. But time or lack of money prevented me for doing so. A few weeks ago I put my two Epiphone basses on Craigslist and the Thunderbird sold. On the way home I stopped by Lawrence Music to see if the P-Bass was still there. When I walked in I saw that it was no longer hanging from the racks. “Oh well” I thought. As I turned to walk out I saw it hanging in a different spot. I asked to see it and after playing it I was hooked. As I was buying it one of the other customers commented that the finish looked like his mom’s kitchen…avacado. I’ll be damned….my mom had the same colored refrigerator! So I nicknamed the P-Bass “Mom”. As for the Geddy Lee bass, I heard Geddy once say that the band members of UFO used to tease him by calling him GLee. So the other bass is named GLee. Here’s a picture of the two of them. basses