A few weeks back I saw an ad for a Dean Cadillac 1980 reissue triple pickup. I love triple pickup guitars. The guy was asking $350. I didn’t have $350. The ad eventually disappeared. A week ago the ad reappeared. This time he was asking $300. Again, I didn’t have $300. So I emailed him explaining that I didn’t have $300 but I did have a 2012 Epiphone blueburst Les Paul. He didn’t want to trade saying that he was more into metal and the LP just wasn’t a metal kind of guitar. He said if I couldn’t do $300…could I swing $250? Hmm…The Deans go for $599 new. So yes I’ll scrape together $250 for a $599 guitar! the cool thing is that in the meantime I sold my Epihone silverburst and it’s case so I had money for the Cadillac and enough to put into savings. Nice! So I met the guy and bought the guitar. It just needed a general cleanup and it sounds great. Here’s a pic of the triple pickup gang. My Framptonstein, the G-400 Custon triple pickup and the Dean cadillac 1980 reissue triple pickup.