As you know I love cruising Craigslist. There’s a guy who has been posting an Epiphone Les Paul for the last 5 months. It’s a Slash edition and I guess it’s a limited production guitar. The dude is asking $875. I’m sorry but I’m not paying $875 for an Epiphone. I did some checking and the guitars are going for that price…but seriously. I mean paying a huge amount for a guitar will not make you play better. It is true that a $500 guitar will sound and play better than a $50 one, but I no longer get why people buy $3200 guitars. I’ll be the first to admit that I once collected high end guitars. But I lost a shit load of money doing that. Now I buy decent Epiphone models for a fraction of the cost of Gibsons and I probably use them more. So you can keep your Artist tribute guitars. You can keep your factory reliced guitars. You can keep your reissue guitars. Just give me a decent axe and a decent amp and I’ll be happy.
The other thing that I roll my eyes about is the guitars with all this gingerbread on them. Epiphone just released a Les Paul with a USB port on it. It also has mono and stereo jacks. Really? Asking price is $1250. Will all that stuff make me play better? No. I’ll stick with my little $350 Les Pauls thankyou.