I’m sure if I were 18 or 19 I’d have fun playing in a rock and roll band. But I’m 48. I’m sure if I were 18 I wouldn’t mind lugging around equipment and getting shafted on my pay because I’d be having fun and probably would be getting laid. But I’m 48. My guitarist lives in Johnstown and has been in a band out there for years. So he has contacts and can get us gigs. My drummer grew up in Cambria county and he has contacts there. I live in Pittsburgh. At 48 years old I’m just not too keen on driving 2 hours one way to a gig. Then getting there and having the bar owner screw us out of the agreed pay. There’s been times where I’ve basically paid to play somewhere because of gas money and food and parking. Seriously if my band mates were to call me and say “We’re done” I wouldn’t cry. I’d sell my shit and party! Don’t get me wrong. Once the drive and the load in is complete and the set up is done and we start playing, I have fun. But then we have to tear down and drive home at 1am. Again maybe if I was 18 I could handle it. But fuck…I’m 48! Oh…and let’s not talk about how I feel the next day! Haha! Here’s a picture of us playing the motorcycle rally in Johnstown. We had a sucky time on the bill and most of the people watching us were way behind the barracades.10462585_1527088387519796_2407638409425719147_n