I still remeber standing in the record store staring at the cover of Farmpton comes alive. That Triple pickup Les Paul Custom calling my name. Why did it have 3 of those thingies? (I didn’t know anything about electric guitars when I first saw the cover.) Over the years I’ve owned probably 4 Gibson triple pickup Les Pauls. Customs, Standards and Classics. But those days are gone. I can’t justify $2000 plus for a Guitar anymore. So now I buy cheaper…decent quality guitars like Epiphone and the Asian made Deans and B.C. Richs. I was checking out the sale section of Musiciansfriend the other day and I saw a thumbnail of a B.C.Rich Mocking bird. I squinted and thought “Is that a triple pickup??” I clicked on the thumbnail and sure enough it was a triple pick up Mockingbird. I thought “How sweet it would be to have one of those. Then I saw the price. $399. $399!!! Really? I read the reviews thinking it was a cheap crappy guitar. (Considering other models of the B.C. Rich triple pickups were prices at $900.) But the reviews were favorable. So I pulled the trigger and bought it. It arrived today and I have to say I’m pleased with it. It’s built well. Light and the finish is really nice. So now I have 4 triple pickup guitars. Yay for me!triple PU heaven