We had a gig last Saturday. My drummer bought some new cymbals and he needed a new stand so we left early and went to Guitar Center. As he looked at the cymbal stands I wandered around. I walked over to the used section and saw it. An Epiphone Ace Frehley Les Paul in blackburst. They wanted $375. I asked to see it and try it out. The pickups were nice and hot. They’re supposed to be Dimarzios and as far as I could tell they were. I asked if it came with a case and they said no. But the salesman said “Let me look in back and see what we have. He comes back with a hardshell case. I asked how much and he said he’d throw it in for free if I bought the guitar. SOLD! So I had to shoehorn the guitar in the back of our SUV and off to the gig we went. After the show I came home and did some research. There’s a used sunburst Epi Ace Frehley for sale online and they’re asking $699 for it. Other websites value the blackburst Ace between $750-$1200. I’m pretty happy with my find.