I love to buy sell and trade guitars. I had an Epiphone Plus top Pro/FX Les Paul. Nice enough guitar…I was just looking for something new. Those guitars were only made for 2 years and the ones on eBay were going for $525. So I put mine on craigslist and asked $425 for it. I get an email from a guy saying he found the same guitar, NEW, at musiciansfriend. He sent me the link. Sure enough there was a brand new Epi LP Pro/FX for $399. The only thing I can figure is Musiciansfriend still had a few in inventory and they wanted to clear them out. Lovely. I waited a few weeks and finally the $399 Pro/FX was no longer available at MF. I put my guitar back on Craigslist. I get an email from a dude who has a B.C. Rick Mockingbird ST with a black burl top. I do some research and there were only 40 of these made. It was a special order from a store in Baltimore. So I say OK. I figure I can get around $525 for the Mockingbird. I put it on Craigslist. A few days later one of my sidebar ads features a black burl B.C. Rich mockingbird at Musiciansfriend for $379. WTF!!!! Turns out that The Black burl sold well during that limited run of 40 so B.C. Rich made some more. Lovely. Well maybe a potential buyer won’t notice that! LOL! Mine is different than the ones offered by MF…but who knows if a buyer would be willing to pay extra for that.