I buy, sell and trade guitars. That’s what I do for fun. Sometimes I win… sometimes I lose. A few years back I had a Gibson Les Paul Custon triple pickup. I put it…along with 3 other guitars on eBay. As I waited for the auctions to run their course I fell in love with the Les Paul. My plan was, if one of the other guitars got a bid I’d end the Custom’s auction and keep it. I kept checking my auctions and sure enough one of the other guitars got a bid! Sweet! I went to end the auction on the Custom only to find I had a bid on that one too. Shit!!! I ended up having to sell the guitar. Fast forward to the present. I have 4 guitars on consignment right now. The other day I wanted to play my Epiphone Ace Frehey blackburst Les Paul. Then I remembered it’s at the Music Store. I’ll keep the guitars at the store for one week after Christmas in case someone gets money for Christmas  and wants to buy one of my guitars. But then I’ll bring them home. Now watch. Now that I want to keep the guitars they’ll sell! Here’s a picture of my Les Paul Custom triple pickup that got away a few years back.