I had four of my guitars on consignment at a local music store for the holidays. Lots of interest. No ites though. I picked them up 2 days ago and relisted them on Craigslist. Within 6 hours I got an email from a guy interested in my Epiphone Ace Frehley Les Paul. He wanted me to meet him around noon yesterday at another music store. I arranged to take a 1/2 day off and emailed him. Then he tells me he wants me to take the guitar to the store and have the manager look at it since he knows the manager. Oh, and don’t take the guitar into the store, have the manager come out to the parking lot to look at the guitar. If the manager thinks it’s good then he’ll send me the money and after I recieve the money I can drop the guitar off at the store. WTF?? I worte back and said I didn’t have time to be running back and forth to this music store and I had other people interested in the guitar. Now the guy is texting me “I’LL BE THERE!!!”. Thankfully it worked out and he did show up with the cash. I bought the guitar for $375 and sold it for $500. NOICE!!! I usually loose money on guitar deals! LOL!