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My band played out for the first time in like 4 months. I had fun. But the gig was 2 hours away. It’s a weird situation. The drummer and I live in the Pittsburgh area but the guitarist lives in Johnstown. Since the guitarist has been playing the Johnstown area for over 20 years he knows all the bar owners and he’s able to get us gigs in that area. But I’m tired of driving 2 hours to a gig, playing 3 hours and then driving 2 hours home. But that may be coming to an end. I took a part time job to help pay off some bills and now I’ll be working on the weekends. We have another gig this weekend, it’ll be our 30th gig. But after that I’m now sure if we’ll play together any more.


Triple Pick Up Heaven!

I still remeber standing in the record store staring at the cover of Farmpton comes alive. That Triple pickup Les Paul Custom calling my name. Why did it have 3 of those thingies? (I didn’t know anything about electric guitars when I first saw the cover.) Over the years I’ve owned probably 4 Gibson triple pickup Les Pauls. Customs, Standards and Classics. But those days are gone. I can’t justify $2000 plus for a Guitar anymore. So now I buy cheaper…decent quality guitars like Epiphone and the Asian made Deans and B.C. Richs. I was checking out the sale section of Musiciansfriend the other day and I saw a thumbnail of a B.C.Rich Mocking bird. I squinted and thought “Is that a triple pickup??” I clicked on the thumbnail and sure enough it was a triple pick up Mockingbird. I thought “How sweet it would be to have one of those. Then I saw the price. $399. $399!!! Really? I read the reviews thinking it was a cheap crappy guitar. (Considering other models of the B.C. Rich triple pickups were prices at $900.) But the reviews were favorable. So I pulled the trigger and bought it. It arrived today and I have to say I’m pleased with it. It’s built well. Light and the finish is really nice. So now I have 4 triple pickup guitars. Yay for me!triple PU heaven